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Created on 2009-05-18 10:34:42 (#356966), last updated 2009-05-18 (518 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Mar 19
Location:California, United States of America
V, female, mid-twenties, works in retail (the horror!) and dabbles with schooling. She writes, reads anything she can get her hands on, drinks too much coffee & espresso, chainsmokes when she drinks too much (which, thankfully, isn't often), and avoids as much of humanity as she can. She listens to oodles of music, the bulk of which is Japanese rock, but loves other types as well, including German musicals and male vocalists that sing like women. She adores cats, especially her one, going on long, aimless drives with no set destinations, playing the Sims, daydreaming too much, and saving countless recipes that she swears she will use one day.

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9goats black out, a filetta, absurd nicknames, accidental scars, acid black cherry, alexander kent, ancient history, anya seton, apocalyptica, avoiding people, band of brothers, beasts of bodmin, black boots, burt's bees chapstick, caramel macchiatos, catholice, cats, d'espairsray, dark red ink, david eddings, daydreaming, diana gabaldon, dick francis, dictionaries, dir en grey, dreams, driving by myself, dry wit, elisabeth, emilie autumn, england, eyeliner, fantasy, fictional universes, fifth element, george r. r. martin, george strait, ghosts, gilgamesh, greek mythology, gremlin vomit, guns, hair dye, harps, harry potter, harsh letters, historical fiction, history, horror movies, horses, hydras, jennifer crusie, juuni kokuki, kitchen nightmares, kittens, kristen britain, kyglish, late nights, leather, leather pants, les misérables, lightning, lord of the rings, louis l'amour, lunatic eclipses, man vs. food, mary sures, medieval history, men in tights, morningstars, mucc, murder, my learnings, myths, nick cave, nighttime, nightwish, notebooks, old books, parmesan cheese goldfish, patricia mckillip, pendants, pens, peppermint, phantom of the opera, phantom of the paradise, photoshop, pink, portuguese water dogs, profiler, rain, raistlin, reading, rentrer en soi, return to snowy river, sarcasm, scaring myself, scotland, serial killers, shapeshifter, shaved hamsters, silver, small yellow aliens, soup, speeding, storms, supernatural, swords, tad williams, tamora pierce, the beatles, the crime police, the dark knight, the f word, the imagination, the man from snowy river, the rasmus, the red death, the sims 2, the smell of leather, the smell of rain, thunderstorms, tim curry sauce, uchusentai noiz, unbastardised coffee, underwear, unfinished stories, vampires, vanilla, vidoll, vincent price movies, william, wor won ton soup, writing, yatta!, zebra pens, zodiac
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